Sketchbook Update 12.2.2019

December 2, 2019

EDIT 12.4.2019: I thought Alex Honnold free soloed El Capitan this year. It turns out I was late to the party by two years. According to wikipedia; On June 3, 2017, [Alex Honnold] made the first free solo ascent of El Capitan, completing the 2,900-foot Freerider route in 3 hours and 56 minutes.

I just got done talking to my older sis about how 2019 is a very cool year to have a bunch of new “firsts.” There is Kipchoge, the first person to run an under two-hour marathon with a time of 1 hour and 59 minutes. It wasn’t an official record since it was an exhibition run, but it’s an incredible feat given that he had to maintain a 4 minute and 35-second mile pace. That is an insane speed! I can only maintain a 12 minute 30-second mile pace on my 5k runs. There’s no way I could maintain that slow pace in a 26-mile run. Kipchoge is a beast! Then there’s Alex Honnold. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about him. He is the first guy to free solo El Capitan. FREE SOLO! This is legend material folks…

Okay, you guys are probably wondering why am I even talking about these people. Let me backtrack then and share these;

So let me talk about current WIPS first;

The first image is my current progress with “Tricycle Reader.” I’m not exactly sure what is different from the last WIP, but I do know what I did this week with the image. I edited the top roof because I didn’t like the baroque design on it. I’m still on the fence with my new design, but I feel like it’s a bit more realistic than the last one. I also toned down the brightness of the driver’s chin. In the original 3D render, there’s bounce light on the bottom of the girl’s face. I recreated the bounce light in my painting, but it was originally too bright. I had to tone it down. I still need to render the rest of the female and the motorcycle.

The second WIP is for “Mama’s Ice Cream.” I originally thought I was done with the illustration, but I got a few critiques on it that requires me to pretty much redo the characters. I’m really hoping that since I already have a good base, the repainting of the characters won’t take as long as it did the first time around.

The last WIP involves the creepy 3D face I posted a week ago. It’s finally taking shape now so it doesn’t look quite as creepy. I’m hoping once I finalize the face, it would look much better. I’m really hoping the end result would look cute, though I would settle for the face not looking creepy.

These two speed-paints are for FB’s Daily Spitpaint Group. The prompts for the pieces are “Tasty” and “Oasis.” I wasn’t supposed to do the band Oasis. The prompt called for us to do an oasis in the middle of the desert. I can’t help but be “cheeky” and draw the band instead.

And then last of all, I have this very very cool speed paint;

A speed painting
Free Solo Climbing

This image is what got me to talking about Kipchoge and Honnold with my sister in the first place. Those two are in the record for being the first in their respective fields. Since I am a runner (sort of, lol), I am deeply in love and fascinated with Kipchoge’s record. Hands down it’s a feat I know I could never recreate, so I am in awe of him.

Honnold, on the other hand, is on another level. I don’t know anything about climbing, so I really could not empathize with his sport. But what got me so enthralled is the fact that he does Free Solo climbing, a very extreme and dangerous form of the sport. Free Solo climbing is climbing without ropes… WITHOUT ROPES. That is scary for me!

If I try to do Kipchoge’s run the worst thing that could happen to me would be for me to pass out. If I was to attempt Honnold’s record though… the worst thing that could happen to me would be… DEATH. DEATH, PEOPLE… DEATH! As in I AM DEAD! Yeah… I don’t think I’ll be attempting that…. lol.

Anyways… the prompt for the speed paint above is “Impossible Tower.” When I first read the prompt I wasn’t really intending to draw a mountain climbing motif painting. It wasn’t until I googled “impossible tower” to get some inspiration that I ended up with the mountain climbing motif. I saw an image of Tom Cruise climbing the Burj Khalifa Tower for the Mission Impossible movie when I googled the term. That is how I got the idea to do a mountain climbing motif.

As for the pic itself, I am in love with the simplicity of the painting. This is my second (or maybe third) painting done under twenty minutes. Not only was I really fast in executing the image, but I am also actually in love with the results too. I’m almost sure that I’m going to make a timelapse video out of this image.

Anyhoo… I will catch you guys on the flipside.

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