Sketchbook Update 12.22.2019

December 22, 2019

When the week before Christmas week rolls around I pretty much consider myself in vacation mode. I try to do work. I try to do a little bit of grinding. But when nephews are around demanding that you pick up that lightsaber, you kind of have no choice. You are held hostage until you enact your death scene in the middle of the kitchen floor, getting yelled at by everyone for playing in the middle of a busy kitchen. Ok, that scene didn’t happen… but I do love my Christmas theatrics, so humor me a little… Anyways, with all the Jedis and Siths in town, I kind of have little time for work, so I have measly updates for this week;

The first image is of a speed paint I did this week. The second image is the current WIP for the next 3D sculpt I’m working on. I have been grinding on this particular 3D project for four hours now. I was trying to really nail down these “likeness” issues I’ve been having with 3D. Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful again. After four hours I gave up on trying to achieve likeness and just go for completion again. I know I can easily spend 100 hours on one particular artwork, so in the interest of finishing something and not be stuck in production hell, I gave myself a mandatory four hour limit on working on the face. Technically I gave myself five, but when the fourth hour rolled around I know that I couldn’t finish everything I needed to do in one hour, so I decided to just skip that last hour.

I still have tons to do on this 3D project, so I’ll be working on this artwork for the next month or so. As for practicing likeness, I might have to just attempt it once again in the next 3D project.

Anyhoo… Merry Christmas everyone!

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