Sketchbook Update 12.29.2019

December 29, 2019

Ah yes, the grind before the year ends! I should technically still be in vacation mode, but I can’t help myself… I just have to wrap up a few more projects before the year ends. So without further ado… this week’s updates;

Probably the most exciting image for me this week is the latest WIP image for “Tricycle Reader;”

Almost Final
It’s almost finished!

I was aiming to be done with this image before Christmas week, but I didn’t reached that goal. I knew Christmas week was going to be busy, so I decided to just finish this first thing when the new year rolls around. I’m so glad I found time today to work on this. I don’t have to wait for next year to clear this off my plate. Right now the image is going through a critique round. If I don’t get that much crits on it I’ll go ahead and “publish” it…. whatever publishing means these days lol.

And then of course I did a few rounds of intense thirty minute speed paints;

From left to right; “Late Night Snacks,” “Tall Bird Hunting,” and “The Council Chamber.” I really love “Late Night Snacks.” With last week being Christmas week, I think we can all relate to the image. I also did this 1 hour speed paint for the Krita facebook group;

A speed painting
Running into a New Year

I think the image composition above is really spectacular. Last but not least, I want to show the early WIPS of the next two images I’m going to be developing;

The first image, “The Royal Baby,” is inspired by a photograph of Bridgit Mendler. The second one is from a prompt for an EOW/COW challenge from the old I’m calling the image “The Guardian.” I’m planning on doing a photobash session with “The Guardian” pretty soon. As for “The Royal Baby,” I’m thinking of doing research on outfits first and probably refining the line sketch before doing anything else with the image… we will see what happens.

Anyways, see you next year!

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