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Sketchbook Update 11.25.2019

November 25, 2019

Christmas is almost here! It’s a month away from today! Time for us to all get fat. So for every physically fit people who are all about the abs, I dare say that they are wrong and it’s all about…. okay, I can’t think of a fat joke that would rhyme with abs, but we’all […]

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Sketchbook Update 11.17.2019

November 17, 2019

This week was no fun. The creative burnout was high this week. I tried taking a break and played a video game instead. But I kept feeling guilty that I wasn’t keeping up with my projects… so I kept going back to my computer to grind on what I do best. The only problem was […]

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Sketchbook Update 10.20.2019

October 20, 2019

So this week’s updates involved a party and food!, a hoverbike race, lame inktober sketches, and a few sketches of characters that I created from a Sketch Zone prompt. Read more to find out what shenanigans I have been up to! I totally forgot to post this sketch from last week; It’s a sketch based […]

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Sketchbook Update 10.13.2019

October 13, 2019

So let’s start this sketchbook update with this image;

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