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Throwback Thursday 02.20.2020

February 20, 2020

Since I posted my study of Christian Seybold’s “Portrait of an Old Lady” last Sunday, I figured it would be a great time to discuss my 2D study of it; My study of Christian Seybold’s painting is alright. Structure wise it resembles the lady on the left (Christian Seybold’s painting). All the shapes, for the […]

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Throwback Thursday 01.23.2020

January 23, 2020

It wasn’t too long ago that I posted one of my first digital paintings. It was a portrait of Ellen Pompeo, and in that post, I talked about how much of a noob I was back then because I used a small brush throughout the painting. That wasn’t very smart of me. Today I ran […]

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Throwback Thursday 12.05.2019

December 5, 2019

Since I posted an article with an image of a portion of my old illustration “The Paparazzi,” I figured I might as well post the whole image; This image marks the time when my rendering started to mature. This image is about eight years after I quit the art program at UNT. Granted that this […]

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Thanksgiving Thursday!

November 28, 2019

Gobble gobble Turkey Day! I hope right now you are experiencing Turkey comatose! I almost did… but then I was tasked with cleaning dishes and that woke me up. And so here I am writing a Thanksgiving-throwback-Thursday post. This time around we’ll go far back once again and visit old work from my college days. […]

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Throwback Thursday 11.21.2019

November 21, 2019

Speed painting is difficult. In a limited amount of time, an artist has to convey good composition and subject matter. The technique isn’t anywhere near as important as composition and overall look. In art, professionals and experts all agree that a picture has to read clearly in a thumbnail format. One should be able to […]

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Throwback Thursday 11.14.2019

November 14, 2019

This is an old portrait of me and a friend. I drew it using a photo reference. If I am not wrong, we were hanging out at the Velvet Hookah when this picture was taken. That was such a long time ago, I don’t even think the Velvet Hookah still exists in Deep Ellum. (A […]

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Creepy Throwback Thursday! 10.31.2019

October 31, 2019

Well, it wouldn’t be Halloween unless I show an artwork that is creepy. So let us hop into our DeLoreans, rewind time, and find ourselves back in 2010 when I concocted this horrendous mess; First of all, the subject is just plain weird. The monster looks creepy and the girl looks clueless. What made me […]

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