Thanksgiving Thursday!

November 28, 2019

Gobble gobble Turkey Day! I hope right now you are experiencing Turkey comatose! I almost did… but then I was tasked with cleaning dishes and that woke me up. And so here I am writing a Thanksgiving-throwback-Thursday post. This time around we’ll go far back once again and visit old work from my college days. This particular untitled piece started a series of paintings that led to my demise and defeat in the Battle of Arzymandia. I mightily wielded my battle ax and er, j/k… there was no battle. But I did fail my Junior Art Review spectacularly. You can see why;

An old painting
Lol… I couldn’t believe I had as my website before.

This piece started a series of “washed-out” paintings that I submitted for my Junior Art review at the University of North Texas around 2003. I didn’t pass the review. And I now completely agree with my professors for failing me. This painting and the rest that came after it was immensely weak.

The painting just lacks development. If I was to approach this painting now, I would not have stopped at the point that I did. I would have layered this piece some more. I would have pushed the realism of the faces while pushing the abstraction of their bodies. Back then I was afraid of covering up the watered-down acrylic washes because I liked the “grungy” effect. I now realized that I could have kept the “grungy” effect by just constantly layering the same effect over and over. The painting is weak because it was never pushed. It could have been pushed onto the style that Daisy Naidu is known for. Sadly the painting didn’t get that far back then.

I have come a long way since college. The only acrylic paintings I do now are portraits. None of those portraits have the “grungy washed-out” effect save for a few. Maybe someday I’ll revisit the old style again, but for now, I’m having too much fun pushing what I know of classical realism. There is still so much more to learn in that genre. So yeah… for now I’m sticking to realism and abstracting less.

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