Throwback Not-So-Thursday 01.17.2020

January 17, 2020

Amazingly enough, my first foray into digital artwork wasn’t digital painting. It was actually 3D. After being enamored with Jurassic Park the movie, I haven’t been able to get 3D out of my system. Any cheap or free software I can get my hands on, I experimented with. I especially remember doing a lot of animations with Vistapro. During all these 90’s 3D craze of mine, I did one digital painting in a very ancient Adobe Photoshop. I remember doing it with a mouse since I didn’t know that a digital tablet exists back then. After that, I promptly quit and plowed on ahead with 3D, culminating in this very noobish 3D work in Maya;

An old 3D artwork
I am, forever, always going to make fun of my first website; Lol, why that name?

By the time I made this it was around 2002, I think? Fast forward eighteen years later and my 3D work is still severely lacking. One would think I would have vastly improved by now… and in a way I have when it comes to modeling. But with everything else 3D, I am severely lacking. It’s honestly ok though, I realize now that I am first and foremost a digital painter than a digital sculptor. Given a choice of what project to do on any given day, I would rather do 2D than 3D. So yeah, I know where my strengths are.

Still though… it would be nice to have the lethal combo of amazing 2D skills AND 3D skills 😀

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