Throwback-Not-So-Thursday 10.11.2019

October 11, 2019

Time to embarrass me. Let’s have a look at some of my cringy art from the past;

Ellen Pompeo Photo Study
A photo study of Ellen Pompeo

Yeah… this is super cringy. This was done way back 2006-2007 I think? I was watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy back then. It is no surprise that I painted Ellen Pompeo. This era also marks the time that I discovered digital painting. I found a nifty program called Art Rage. I believe there was a free version of it back then. I fell in love with it, so I promptly bought myself a cheap tablet and the paid version of Art Rage and never looked back.

I was such a noob in painting back then. I didn’t realize that a bigger brush size setting would have made this image ten times more harmonious. The “scratchy” look of the small brush setting isn’t appealing. If I was going to keep my brush size small, I should have just gone hardcore and did a George Seurat all the way… but obviously I didn’t. So yeah, lesson learned: DON’T PAINT WITH A SMALL BRUSH SIZE…. unless you are George Seurat of course.

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