Throwback Not-So-Thursday 12.13.2019

December 13, 2019

A while back I posted artwork that started of a series of paintings that I did in college. The paintings all had a “washed-out” effect to it. Here is another example of a painting that I did that was part of that series;

Untitled College Artwork
Untitled College Artwork

As one can see, it is immensely underdeveloped. I have multiple images all layered on top of each other as if I was trying to do photoshop tweaks on a canvas. There are faded out boxes at the bottom that was supposed to be a comic book I think. I painted on top of that with some washes. There are also some boxes of drawings on top that I tried to cover up with “washed-out” acrylics (basically a thin layer of acrylic paint that I immediately put some water on so it would drip). The majority of the drips go to the left At one point in time I had the canvas on its side so the drip would go sideways instead of to the bottom.

Some of the techniques I used are definitely cool since I’m using techniques that aren’t common. But again this painting is a fail mainly because the layering effect wasn’t pushed enough as I mentioned in my earlier article. Imagine if I had painted an image on a canvas and spent a good time on that image, say thirty hours. Then after spending that much amount of time, I paint another completely unrelated image on top of it. But the way I paint this next layer will have some blank spots to it so the original layer shows… maybe some parts I’ll try to “wash out,” though this technique might take out the original layer too. After spending another thirty hours on the second layer, I then begin a new layer on top of the second layer. This layer will also have some blank spots that will show both the second and the first layer… so on and so forth. That is basically the kind of experimentation I should have done with my college paintings. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time back then to do all that. One painting would have cost me about sixty to one hundred twenty hours of painting. That is too much time for me to experiment given that I had eight paintings a semester requirement… that would have been too much.

Anyways… it’s definitely cool to look back at this and wonder what would have happened if I had pushed the envelope.

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