Throwback-Not-So-Thursday and Sketchbook Update 02.08.2020

February 8, 2020

I totally forgot throwback Thursday, but hey it’s never late so long as I post 😀 . This week’s look-back will take us to one of my more successful experiments in portrait paintings;

Acrylic Portrait Painting
I used Phtalo Green for my undertone for this portrait.

Before this particular painting, I wouldn’t typically tone my canvas. But for some odd reason when I was working on this portrait, I decided to do so. Not only did I decide to be experimental with my approach for this portrait, but I also toned this canvas with a color that is not a popular one to use for toning… I used Phtalo Green. Most artists tone their canvas with a neutral color such as Burnt Umber.

Now I have to admit that using such an unusual color might not necessarily be the best approach since I have to end up layering a lot more Chrome Yellow to get closer to a skin tone. But having that “cool” yellow right next to that warm Red Cadmium/Burnt Umber shadows gives such a nice contrast. I really love the result. Now whether or not I can pull off the technique again I’m not sure, since I haven’t been toning my canvas as of late.

This week’s speed paintings/sketches are an awesome bunch;

The painting on the bottom right, “Washing the Car,” turned out so great. When I initially blocked the scene it didn’t really look like it was going to be something spectacular. But I pressed on and lo and behold, a beautiful image came out.

This particular painting, however, was the most popular one this week;

A speed painting

I really love the simplicity of the scene. When I first read the prompt “Headless,” I couldn’t really think of the perfect scene to describe the word. It wasn’t until a quick google search yielded a mannequin image that I instantly knew what to do with my composition. I really love the result, and people did too.

But my absolute favorite speed painting this week is this bad boy;

A speed painting
A much longer speed paint version of “The Voyage Home” spit paint.

This was a 3-4 hour speed re-paint of this 30-minute spit paint that I did this year;

A speed painting
The original “The Voyage Home”

I really love the repaint. I may tag this image as something that I can develop further. I will just have to see how my “grinds” go for this year.

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