Throwback Thursday 01.23.2020

January 23, 2020

It wasn’t too long ago that I posted one of my first digital paintings. It was a portrait of Ellen Pompeo, and in that post, I talked about how much of a noob I was back then because I used a small brush throughout the painting. That wasn’t very smart of me. Today I ran into another Art Rage painting, and by the looks of it, I wasn’t using a small brush as much anymore (sort of). I guess I learned in a span of a few months how to be effective with my time…

An old painting
I was copying a photo from a catalog.

I really like this painting. Unfortunately, I can’t do much with it. I can’t sell prints of it. The painting was a study of a photo from a fashion catalog, and as such, I can’t do much with it other than display it. I wish I still have that magazine so I can properly credit the photographer…. but alas it’s long gone now.

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