Throwback Thursday 01.30.2020

January 30, 2020

The featured image for this article is so painful to look at. By the time I made this piece it was already 2010. I have been digitally painting for about three to four years by the time I made this work, albeit I didn’t have a daily art practice yet. It’s no surprise then that this piece I made is horribly over rendered. After having a few successful pieces before 2010, it’s ghastly for me to retract in skill level and make this piece.

Old Artwork
What happened, seriously? This belongs in r/delusionalartists

I don’t understand what happened, especially since the sketch wasn’t too bad;

Old Artwork

I gotta give myself some credit for that pink carpet though. It is honestly about the only thing that was rendered nicely in that image.

If there is any takeaway lesson from all this; it’s important to have a DAILY ART PRACTICE! Practice art EVERYDAY! If you don’t, you start to lose out on skills… so yeah, PRACTICE EVERYDAY!

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