Throwback Thursday 02.13.2020

February 13, 2020

Looking back at this particular piece gave me some memories;

An old painting
Old College Artwork

Not too long ago I posted an artwork that set me on the path to doing drippy acrylic paintings. This is one of the paintings from that particular set. I honestly love this particular painting, even though now I consider it “immature.” As I had mentioned before in an earlier article, this artwork, together along with the rest of the series, really needed more layers. If I was going to stick to the whole messy drippy look, I could have pulled it off much better if I had layered more paints.

My style is absolutely different now, and I’m not entirely sure if I would ever revisit this particular style. But it is interesting to wonder the “what ifs.”

P.S. every time I post an image that was part of this series, I always end it with the lines… “I wonder what would happen if…” I didn’t realize it until I reread two articles that were part of this series. Man, I really reminisce and wonder about this series, lol.

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