Throwback Thursday 03.26.2020

March 26, 2020

It’s really difficult for me to make a claim that I am (somewhat) a self-taught artist. The truth of the matter is, I have taken art classes… tons of them. But the problem with the art classes I took was that barely any of them taught me any techniques. When I was in college, practically all of the classes I took were very much concerned with the “idea,” rather than technique. And for good reason too. The Avant-garde market could care less about paint application and more concerned about the “idea” behind a painting. Me on the other hand… I just want to paint good looking robots. That’s it. It took me forever to realize that is what I wanted to do in art… for awhile the Avant-garde market held sway on me, ya know?

Anyways… the whole point of this look-back is that even though hardly any of the college art classes I took taught me techniques, there was one class that taught me a lot; watercolor class (we love you, Professor Millie!).

An old painting
Untitled Watercolor

This was one of our first projects for the class. We were supposed to create a grid with every box containing one technique we learned in the class. This was probably also one of the first abstract paintings I have made.

I very much love this painting. It is so immensely simple and yet playful at the same time. I also think that I was very clever at what I turned in for the project. Most people turned in a straight-up technique project. I, on the other hand, experimented with the composition a lot. I was one of the few students who created repeating patterns throughout my piece.

Anyways… looking back at it now it isn’t very much to look at. In fact, it’s nothing really stellar. But I still love it because it represents to me a uniqueness that is rare for me. I have a tendency to want to paint pretty pictures… and pretty pictures are EVERYWHERE. So for me to paint something like this is truly unique.

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