Throwback Thursday 04.02.2020

April 2, 2020

So typically I post images in throwback Thursday that is not part of my public portfolio. Either the images are too dated for me to put in my juried portfolio or that I don’t like it much. Today I figured I would take a look back at an image I did that to this day, still stands as one of my favorites;

Illustration of a techno punk girl
Queen of the Discarded Robots

This was an image that started out as part of a CHOW contest way back in 2017. I didn’t get to finish the illustration in time, but I decided to keep grinding on it just to see where I could take the image. I really love the simplicity of the illustration. The background is amazingly simple, and yet effective. It gives a nice contrast to the girl’s fashion, which is hyper-realistically rendered… and the robots give a nice accent to the overall details of the piece.

I don’t hyper render as much like this anymore. Even though I still spend tons of time in rendering, I have been dulling down the photobash aspects of my illustration a lot lately. It’s been a choice of mine as of late. I’m beginning to prefer the look of a naturally painted media versus a hyper detailed photobash. That’s why it’s fun to look at a piece like this. This is one of the few perfectly balanced photobashed paintings I have.

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