Throwback Thursday 04.09.2020

April 9, 2020

I’ve been so obsessed with posting final images for Throwback Thursday, not once have I thought about posting a study… so yeah, today let’s look at skulls;

Skulls Study
Warmup Skulls Study

I did this study last year, so this is fairly brand new. But I wanted to highlight this particular photo because of the purple shadows that I used on this artwork. The purple shadows are more obvious on the right skull. I have this huge penchant to do purple/blue shadows on unusual objects. Like human skin for example… the form shadows on a human skin typically stays a warm to neutral color. That typically means that human skin form shadows are either deep red or browns. Me on the other hand? My form shadows unusually end up purple or blues.

I’m not really particularly sure where this tendency comes from. Part of it I thought came from Marc Brunet (Bluefley/Cubebrush), though on closer inspection his human form shadows aren’t all that purple or bluish. So yeah, I’m not really sure where my inspiration for it came from… but it is definitely an interesting color choice to use.

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