Throwback Thursday 04.23.2020

April 23, 2020

I love love this painting I did of science journalist Cara Santa Maria;

A study of a photo of Cara Santamaria
Cara Santamaria Photo Study

The portrait could use a little bit more work in all honesty, but what I love best about it is my experimentation with color on this piece. The green on her pants and the pink on the blanket to the left weren’t exactly on the original photo. There were similar hues on the original photo, but for this painting, I decided to use more saturated versions of the original hues. The ending result almost looks like Fauvism. There were similar color experiments throughout her skin, noticeable in her arms. But none of the color experiments were as vivid as the first two objects I mentioned.

It’s a nicely done portrait of Cara if I say so myself.

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