Throwback Thursday 04.30.2020

April 30, 2020

Back in 2017, for a very brief moment, I experimented with a style that was heavily inspired by a YouTube artist I once followed, Daisy Naidu. Unfortunately, her account has gone private, so it’s difficult for me to link to her artwork that reflects what I was trying to do here;

A portrait painting
Bryce and Mom

The one on the right is my painting done in style of Daisy Naidu. I should have recognized that her style was more reminiscent of Fauvism than Post-Impressionism. I didn’t think much about it then, since the first time I ran into her I just tagged her artwork as Post-Impressionism. I have totally forgotten that Fauvism existed as a segment of the Post-Impressionism era.

I wasn’t very successful with my experimentation with those portraits. I promptly went back to doing classical-style portraits (well… as classical as I can get) like the one on the left. Some of the experiments were cool… but most were alright. Anyways… I was just thinking of those portraits recently because I’ve been looking up Henri Matisse lately, and I promptly rediscovered Fauvism, which got me excited. I’ve been struggling with colors and how to employ them in my paintings. I figured studying Fauvism can help me greatly in this endeavor.

Anyways… on to practicing!

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