Throwback Thursday 05.07.2020

May 7, 2020

An old Sketch
Figure Study Class

So I did this charcoal drawing in a figure drawing class way back in college. I’m not sure what prompted me to draw my classmates instead of the model… maybe it was the way I was angled towards the mirror… maybe I just started sketching and messed up my sense of scale, ending up in me drawing more than the model… or maybe I just wanted to be different. After this drawing, I did at least one more drawing of my classmates instead of the model. Whether or not I drew more in the same “concept” I’m not sure, but I do remember being told by my professor that I should consider starting a series of it. I can’t, for the life of me, remember if it was Professor Ed Blackburn or Professor Annette Lawrence who told me this, but I do remember being told to pursue the idea. Sadly I didn’t.

I think as a concept it would have been interesting. The whole idea behind a figure drawing class is to learn to draw the figures… not the class… So if I had done a series based on this initial idea, it would have definitely been a series out of the norm.

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