Throwback Thursday 05.21.2020

May 21, 2020

2018 was such an experimental year for me when it comes to traditional painting. I was heavily interested in improving my time in making portraits. The results were always… mixed. The biggest problem I kept running into when I try to rush portrait paintings is the “likeness” of the portrait. I have done fifteen minute portraits and I nail the likeness… and then there are times when I spend a lot of time on one piece and it doesn’t look anything like the subject matter. Just like I said before… sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose.

This one piece though is one portrait I wanted to tag as a “lose,” but it has enough charm on it that it makes me think twice before chucking it out of the window;

A portrait painting
Kuya Ruther

There’s enough “likeness” to Kuya Ruther in this piece that I can call it a success. I initially didn’t like it at first cause it honestly felt “simplistic.” But looking at it a year later made me realize that some of my creative decisions in the piece aren’t as “simplistic” as I thought it would be. The gut instinct to have the shades of the glass be a “cutout” is pretty much a bold move… and it was a move that really works. It gives the whole painting an early-MTV ad commercial feel…. so tagging this piece as “simplistic” doesn’t really feel like it’s true.

This is an absolutely cool painting from two years ago. I’m glad I ran into this one in my hard drive today.

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