Throwback Thursday 05.28.2020

May 28, 2020

So today’s critique piece is an artwork I did way back in 2016. These were the days I was first logging onto I wasn’t very active then… I was only doing a few of the prompts here and there. Which makes this piece uber interesting;

A speed painting
Space Cowboy

This piece was one of the DSG prompts that I actually did, and what is interesting about it is that I actually like it. Most of my sketches for the DSG in my early day in CA all look horrible. The reason being was that I was immensely out of practice. Technically I was doing a lot of art at the time, but my art habits weren’t as disciplined as they are now. So to have a sketch/speed paint during my undisciplined art era that I actually like is very rare… hence why I love this piece.

I love the rough textured brush I used throughout this scene. It gives the character faux details. The background can use some more blurring… but overall I do believe the piece is well balanced. The best touch of all would have to be the glowing light fixtures of the character. Whether I intended for the glow to be there at the beginning or it came later I’m not entirely sure. But I absolutely love that aspect of the character design.

This piece is an absolute gem… since it is a rare speed paint that I actually like way back then.

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