Throwback Thursday 07.09.2020

July 9, 2020

This particular painting had been haunting me every time I go through my hard drive to take a look at my artwork archive. It is so horrifyingly cringy. There are too many proportion and perspective issues, and the subject matter is just… odd. Lol.

An old painting
Untitled Watercolor

I was reading Michio Kaku’s “Hyperspace” right around the time I made this painting. I was heavily influenced by the ideas of the book… though unfortunately I did not understand the math behind it. Trying to illustrate the ideas running through my head when I was reading the book was… a failure. Lol.

But enough about the math! What is really important to be noted in this painting is the proportion issues caused by a lack of perspective planning. The way I drew the nose does not agree with the way I drew the rest of the face. I think I had in mind that I originally wanted the viewer to be lower than the subject, which would mean that the girl’s face should be turned up higher. But I drew the face’s perspective as if she is at the same level as the viewer. The end result is this funky looking nose that makes Skeletor envious.

What is the takeaway lesson from all of this? That it is immensely important to do studies during an art creation process. If I had done perspective studies, I wouldn’t have ran into such a glaring issue such as this one. Anyways… that’s the lesson for today folks! Stay safe!

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