Throwback Thursday 10.17.2019

October 17, 2019

I have been teaching an important lesson in my YouTube channel; it is important to look at your subject and draw it the way it should be instead of drawing it the way you think it should be. There is a huge difference between the two. When I learned this I was in a figure drawing class with Professor Ed Blackburn at the University of North Texas. To learn more about the story, read further on… beware though, there is nudity in this article.

Traditional Art - Figure Drawing Study
The artwork that gave me hell.

I remember having such a hard time drawing this figure. When I drew this girl’s face I was doing good, but then when I started on her torso I remember being frustrated. I was not having a good time once I started drawing her body.

Right about that time was when Professor Ed Blackburn stepped in. Typically he has a hands-off approach to teaching. He will walk around and give a comment or two, but for the most part, he will let you be. But when he came around to my easel he can tell I was having a hard time. He grabs my chalk pastel and begins lecturing me. He says “you really need to draw what you see instead of drawing what you think you see.” Then he proceeds to show me how to do “eyeball” measurements and how to really look at something objectively and portray it objectively, not subjectively. That lesson stuck with me forever. It taught me the value of “not thinking too much” when I do my artwork. Too often as artists, we get “tunnel vision” syndrome about our own artwork. We rely too much on book knowledge and not realize that something is off. We need to be immensely leery about such pitfalls.

Anyways… the digitally scanned image above doesn’t show all my “erasure” marks. If you look at the original I was horribly off proportion wise. I drew the leg higher than it should have been, which threw off the proportions of her arms, thus affecting the rest of her body. If it weren’t for Professor Ed Blackburn showing me how to really look at things, I would not have known how to save this picture from being horribly ugly.

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