Throwback Thursday 11.21.2019

November 21, 2019

Speed painting is difficult. In a limited amount of time, an artist has to convey good composition and subject matter. The technique isn’t anywhere near as important as composition and overall look. In art, professionals and experts all agree that a picture has to read clearly in a thumbnail format. One should be able to tell what a picture is all about from a small size. The readability of the image becomes clear if the thumbnail is done well. This is why speed painting is difficult. One has to convey all the visual information one wants to put in and have it be able to read clearly in a small format right from the get-go.

It takes a lot of practice to get good… and I am nowhere near good at all. That is why it is amazingly surprising for me to have made a painting like this at all back in 2012;

A speed painting
Feeding the Birds

This was a quick two to three-hour speed paint back in the day. And I’m still in love with this piece. This is a rare speed paint from back in the day, given that out of all the speed paints I did, none of them I liked. I didn’t really practice speed paint back then. So when I did actually do a speed paint, it was typically garbage.

Not this piece though… not this piece. This piece is a diamond in the rough.

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