Throwback Thursday 11.7.2019

November 7, 2019

I really wanted to put up more work from my college years for today’s Throwback Thursday, but I realized I need to put up something that I actually still like even though it’s dated. So I looked through my college folder and couldn’t actually find a whole lot of good images, so I decided to settle for something a little bit more recent. Here is an image I did for one of CGSociety’s challenges;

a painting for a CGSociety Challenge
CGSociety Challenge

I tried doing a google search for old and ancient CGSociety challenges. Unfortunately, I could not find any. CGSociety had gotten rid of links from the past. So now I’m stuck with an image filename that goes “CGSocietyChallengeXX.psd” with no indication as to what the challenge was. I entered a few CGSociety challenges but I only ever finished two in time; the CGSociety Spy Challenge or something like that and this one, which was called something like “Dream challenge.” So yeah, I kind of wished my notes and my filenames indicated what the actual prompt for the challenges was.

Anyways… I still like this piece. I debated about putting it back into my portfolio, but I decided to just wait because a huge part of me wants to redo the artwork. Hopefully someday it will get a redo… but for now, it will just live in the Throwback Thursday archives.

cgsociety challenge college artwork noob art old artwork old times Throwback Thursday

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