Throwback Thursday 12.05.2019

December 5, 2019

Since I posted an article with an image of a portion of my old illustration “The Paparazzi,” I figured I might as well post the whole image;

The full image of "The Paparazzi"
The Paparazzi

This image marks the time when my rendering started to mature. This image is about eight years after I quit the art program at UNT. Granted that this was done digitally and not on canvas (which obviously makes rendering easier), this image still showed my knowledge of layering paint on top of old paint. Right around this time was when painting really started to make sense in my head.

Unfortunately, this image still has tons of composition mistakes. I might have gotten better at rendering, but the image is so weak because of all the fundamental errors in it. The perspective feels too flat and there is no definitive subject matter. The focal point should be “the celebrities,” but they are drowned out by all the other details I decided to put in the painting. And there are way too many subjects on the edges of the image.

Overall I rate this pic a D+…. It could be so much better if I address all its flaws.

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