Throwback Thursday 12.19.2019

December 19, 2019

I’m completely mystified as to the whereabouts of this particular painting. The last time I was working on it four years ago, I was in a Dallas painting studio. I was almost positive that I carried it back home with me, but unfortunately, it is not in my collection. So this painting is now officially floating somewhere in Texas…

An Unfinished painting from 2014
Unfinished artwork, where art thou?

Am I worried about getting it back? Not particularly. The painting is unfinished, so there’s really no value in it. More than likely if someone found it, they would have painted on top of it already. That’s what I would have done, lol. Besides, I can always repaint the painting. I mean, this painting is already a repaint anyways… doesn’t it look familiar? Doesn’t it look like this;

An old painting
Yup, this is the same painting.

Yup… it’s two paintings based on the same reference. Anyways… I’m kind of bummed that the top one is missing since it was almost closed to being finished. But alas, I’m over it…. I can always make a new one. Still though, I’ve been pondering the adventures that painting has had in the past five years…. hhhhmmmm….

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