Throwback Tuesday and Sketchbook Update 04.13.2020

April 14, 2020

Last week was immensely hectic. Because of that I barely did any kind of artwork and I missed last Sunday’s sketchbook update. I did do my grinds on “Ang Dalaga” and “The Guardian,” but as I mentioned before I’m pausing WIP updates on those unless the updates are significant. To save me some time for this week, I’m doing an early Throwback update. The image I’ll be talking about is;

A study of a photo of Ellen Page
Ellen Page Photo Study

Last week I talked about my constant use of purple shadows. The first time I ever truly noticed my incessant use of purple shadows was with this picture that I painted back in 2014, I think? I could have made it earlier, I’m not sure. Anyways… I absolutely love how nice it blends with skin tones. It doesn’t look realistic at all by any means… but man does it look gorgeous.

Anyways, for last week’s updates;

The only sketch worth noting in this collection is this curious thing;

A sketch
Untitled Sketch

I woke up last Wednesday and was looking at this rolling office chair in my room. I decided to sketch it, but of course, I have to “mechanize” it. I thought it looked like Marc Brunet’s painting “Defect.” But what’s really interesting about this sketch is that it prompted me to start a painting last week. I was hoping I could finish the painting in time for this update, but alas I did not make it. I will just have to show the finished painting this Sunday.

That’s it for this week’s throwback. I’ll catch you guys on the next sketchbook update.

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