April 25, 2021

Full Render Illustration


I am extremely excited I finally finished this piece I had been grinding on for a year. Technically I started the illustration sometime in 2016, but I dropped it until last year. I decided to pick this illustration up to redevelop it last summer. The illustration is of a popular Filipino dance, Tinikling. I could have chosen to be completely traditional and have all the elements look completely Pinoy, but I decided to add some Victorian fashion elements to spice things up.

Narrated art timelapse video can be seen @ https://youtu.be/7x7fBo9MmSY

Artist mentioned in the video; Henri Matisse

PS. In the video, I kept mentioning I’m part of a group called Sketch Zone. Just to clarify I meant the sketchzone.net group, not the Sketch Zone podcast group.

Thanks to Michelle, Faith, Harley, Ruther, Elemont, Sticky, Ajams, Ramin Afshari, John Dale Javier, Ripley, Grumpyspaceman, Skyebluebandit, Lynx, Derryl, Tim, John, Jason, Fate, Magical Pudding, Silky Johnson, and everyone else who I had missed for giving me awesome comments and critiques on this piece.

Royalty-free photos used are from; https://www.textures.com

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