Traditional Medium v Digital Painting

October 7, 2019

Why did I choose digital when inherently it has less value than oil and acrylic on canvas?

I originally wanted to do more research about this topic, but once I saw how deep the rabbit hole goes, I decided against it. The topic is immensely controversial. Digital art in of itself has no value compared to a tangible object such as an acrylic painting on canvas. But the commercial industry champions digital work. It is a much easier medium for the commercial industry to handle compare to traditional works.

Acrylic Paintings of my Nephews

In all honesty, I have no preference for working one or another. The majority of my artworks are in digital format, but I do have a growing collection of acrylic portrait paintings.

I have art goals in mind. I do not want to publicly state what those goals are because my means to achieve those goals could change. Unless I can clearly see the path I’m going to walk down on, I will keep these art goals private for now. The reason I even mentioned the existence of these art goals is that these goals will dictate what medium of art I will be using.

For now, I have a huge collection of digital paintings, and that might still be true in the future. What can potentially change is how big AND diverse my traditional art will get. All I have been painting with acrylic are portraits, but I definitely want to attempt more genres than this. I also want to attempt different media. I can’t wait to try oils (again), nor can I wait to get control of color pencils (I am still struggling with it). So in short, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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