Turtwig Pokemon Speed Sculpt

October 27, 2019

A digital sculpt of a Pokemon

Sketchzone’s prompt for one of their older WST’s was for us to draw a Pokemon. Somehow I wanted to sculpt this topic instead of just drawing it. So I fired up Blender to do the project, and away I go! I originally wanted to redesign the character completely. But in the end, I just ended up changing the face while keeping everything else the same.

To help me sculpt the piece quicker, I decided to split the character into three parts; the face, the plant above his head, and the body. I finished everything for the most part within an hour, but I decided to refine the body more so I spent another hour going over the character. It was definitely a fun sculpt.

Process video can be seen at; https://youtu.be/SOOHrw_I8TY

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